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     Mr. Jack's Crew offers a full array of services for your tree needs. Whether you have a commercial or residential property, we've got the professional crew you need to get the job done right-one tree at a time.


     Delivery and installation is available for most of our trees. Many of our customers do not have access to the equipment required for planting half a dozen 8 foot Emerald Green trees, for example. We have the equipment backed with the experience of our planting crew. We are thorough and professional.


     Each delivery and planting job is unique. A variety of factors are considered when evaluating every job. Typically we charge a flat mileage fee and a per tree installation fee.  However, some projects may require unforseen additonal labor or materials. When discussing yours, we will take into account:



We are installation experts. With many different types of landscapers out there, we really are the best at planting. Between digging, planting, and transplanting, Mr. Jacks Crews install thousands of trees every year, with very high success. Through this work our Crews have attained great experience; working through every condition and obstacle. Our personnel loves and enjoys what they do and love to see the customer enjoy the outcome.

When delivering heavy trees, its important having great drivers. Not just great at driving but also great with handling trees. This means, loading the trees properly, tarping the trees accordingly and appropriately, laying the trees down safely, and unloading at the customers house without a scratch.

Tree Transplant

Transplanting a tree can be very tricky and requires intuitive experience to ensure the success of the transplant. With our experience of ball and burlapping trees, we've taken this knowledge to the customers yard. Our Crew will take multiple different  measurements, height, width, trunk, etc. to determine the width and depth the tree must be dug and extracted. Then use the correct tools and machines to perform the digging and extracting safely, to ensure health and longevity.

Garden/Tree Bed (Tilling)

Tilling for garden, plant, or tree beds is always a good idea. This method breaks down the dirt very fine to provide the roots with easy pathways to grow. The easier it is for the root to grow, the more energy the tree has to resort to growing bigger and faster. Once tilled the soil is then raked into proper fashion. This allows the trees/plants to hold water more efficiently. Also it is nice to add pine straw or mulch atop the bed to secure the soil in place and add more definition to the customers trees and house.

Tree Removal


Tree removal can be a very immediately needed service, due to an up coming storm, or pestering HOA. We've dealt with it all. From small dead bush, limbs, bushes to 60+ ft. tall trees. Mr. Jacks Tree Farm is providing a safe and immediate solution to dead and other wise hazardous or unwanted trees. During the same visit in removing the tree or trees Mr. Jacks Tree Farm can provide a brand new healthy tree to fill the hole instantly.

Stump Grinding


Stumps are a real pain and eye sore for everyone. Sure a tree can be cut down but taking the stump out is a different story. The roots are anchored in the ground that make them very difficult to remove with your average tools and power tools. Stumps can stay around for 100s of years and will not weather or decay. This definitely a job for a heavy machine to grind the stump and roots a few feet below ground level. 

Landscape Design


We send a professional out to the customers home to go walk the property and really get a feel for the area. If no blueprints, the landscaper will then take precise measurements of the yard and other areas that need designing. Other notes will be taken to make easy and enhance the outcome, like marking where the sprinkler system is or observing the trees of the neighborhood to make the customers home stand out.

Ill/Suffering Tree Diagnosis


Being a tree farm has brought many many years of caring and nurturing trees. From treating physical damage, ridding and controlling insects, treating illness and disease, and serious revival acts, we've done it all. The most important step to this is getting the diagnosis done at the earliest stage possible and providing the correct solution immediately after to save a tree from death and/or potentially many others.



Maintaining 30 acres of tree farm is a big operation that takes a lot of hard work, consistence, persistence, and a keen eye for unforeseen potential problems. Our Crews and landscapers work with residential and commercial customers to bring this expertise to your home or office.

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